Lief van der Baan’s mostly empty web site of rather cool stuff

Not much to see here, just a collection of links at the moment. Currently a hobbyist DJ; not regularly for hire as a web developer but it’s nice to talk about ideas – not that there are many left for us humans. E-mail [email protected] and bring your own content.

Notes on being right

Finding original ideas in your head

If you’re struggling to have a creative idea in design, you lack a problem to solve. If you find yourself drifting in life, you’ll have a lack of problems but I bet you’ll have an abundantly full head. Write down a list of everything that you are doing or need to do: everything on your mind. An idea will appear. I swear it works every time; I always find an idea for something to make or two doing this. I got the technique from the GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology for productivity – something which I don’t follow but an approach to life from which I have gleaned at least a few tips.


Tools I love

For web development, these are my goto frameworks:

Check the colophon for others that might interest you if you’re into web development.

My stuff


This site belongs to Lief van der Baan. Lief is a web developer and budding musician from Wales. He’s building this site with a Mac, VSCode, 11ty; it’s hosted with Vercel and GitHub. Previous incarnations of this site were made with WordPress or Ruby on Rails and hosted with Digital Ocean or Gandi. All this tech comes highly recommended. You should decide what works for you. Cloudflare can be good for the security of your private server if you use one. None of these links are affiliated.