Lief van der Baan

Be back later

June 2024

I’m taking an extended break from blogging and most other public activities.

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You might also find XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) interesting. It’s just chat. It’s been around for decades. None of my friends have heard of it. It was the technology behind Facebook Chat before that became Messenger. You can get started with it easily. You don’t have to give out your email address when signing up, nor your phone number. It’s private/secure/encrypted, even in group chats. You can transfer files with it. It’s a free service. There are no ads. I use Monal; you could choose a different app if you prefer. My address is

RSS feed

My friends might like to follow with my RSS feed in case I blog someday. Read about feeds and RSS if you’re unaware. I recommend NetNewsWire.

Social media down

I’m completely done with social media as most of my friends understand it. Some mainstream network accounts may remain but they aren’t active. Don’t contact them. I didn’t really make a long list of things that eventually put me off social media, but maybe I should have done. I used it too much – probably pestered my friends too much with reels and memes that I found funny for about 4 seconds. The main thing that bothered me was the fact that – and this did happen, because I was in a hurry – all my online interactions would go up in smoke with the deletion of my profiles. At least here, on this web site, I have my own copy of everything already.