Getting away without (much) IT

Working on it

Hi, I'm Lief. I'm taking up street photography in 2021. I used to code but got tired of studying and using software for fun after nearly two decades of tinkering and unexpected academia. I got into coding through design so getting into a purely visual, practical world is a big relief for me.

I chose street photography because it's inexpensive. A good enough (fit for purpose) camera can be found for a couple of hundred pounds, and is pocketable. I'm talking about the Ricoh GR, my camera of choice. It's perfect for newbies who want a fast snapper with a great lens and no zoom to fuss with. I chose the GR over the GR III after watching this video.

I don't post process my shots except for scaling them down for the web, so there's very little software involved. I do use the effects built into the camera as I shoot. I mostly use the Positive Film setting but you'll find a lot of untouched RAW shots too. Sometimes I snap with the viewfinder off, just for fun. I prefer to preserve the look of the shots as I've captured them, as that feels more natural to look back upon, for me. Personal feelings take precident over commercial appeal.

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Contact / +447751190944 / Try to get me on Signal first, as that's most private. Please don't call without prior text if I don't know you.

Elsewhere: Twitter and Instagram. Tip me on PeachPay.


Shout out to AWS for the hosting, WinSCP for the uploading, Affinity for the editing, SFPG for the presenting, and Ricoh for the snapping.