Lief van der Baan

Lief van der Baan: still plain weird

This is not a work site. A separate work site is coming later, in 2022. Lief is taking a break from coding and tech support to get better at illustration, photography and other less formal communication media.

Biography: who tf is Lief?

OK, so, you say it like "leaf"; the rest is optionally said like it reads, or if you're into sounding Dutch, like "fon dare ban". I don't recommend that though, unless your DuoLingo score is high for Dutch and you can back up the pretense. "Van dur barn" is fine. I especially like it if you put a rich, fruity farmers' accent on the "barn" bit, but it's really up to you.

You might remember me from the following key places:

  1. Talgarth Primary School
  2. Gwernyfed High School
  3. La Belle Pizza, Brecon
  4. The Guarana Bar, Brighton
  5. PCI (nee Brecon Pharmaceuticals), Hay-on-Wye
  6. The Co-operative Food, Talgarth
  7. Castle Greengrocers, Hay-on-Wye
  8. The Old Electric Shop, Hay-on-Wye

… or I might be your web developer or tech support guy.

Before we go on

This is, like it says in the header, not a work site. Don't take what I say here as professional opinion. It's more experimental than that. Don't take my advice, don't follow my beliefs, don't sue me if things go wrong as a result of you doing either of those things. Just don't. I'm not even going to warn you twice: this site is personal. It works for me, if at all.

What's it all about then?

You mean my interests? I guess you should have a reason to subscribe or check back. Here we go; in no particular order of preference:

  • Music: rock, pop, metal, dub, techno, trance, dnb, jazz, hip hop, ambient, and more like that.
  • Amateur programming – the computer kind.
  • Drawing: "illustration" really, though that folds up too much into one category. I like ink; I like vectors and pixels too.
  • Writing: both the content and the style i.e. I also like typography.
  • Photography: I have a fixed lens APS-C camera.
  • Cycling: both on- and off-road.
  • Video games – though I'm not a gamer.
  • Apple products and their ecosystem; meaning the operating systems, hardware and apps available for them.

Contacting me is easy

07751190944 – I only release my mobile telephone number to the public, as my home number can't be protected from spammers or scammers. I'm protecting my mobile number from abuse with Malwarebytes's free app. You can use my number to find me on Signal if you need to talk properly-privately.
Email – I'll probably reply the same day. If it's super sensitive, what you're contacting me about; I recommend using my telephone number to find me on Signal.