Lief van der Baan

Nothing much left to see

This site is just something to steer people toward to right way to get in touch with me. TL;DR: E-mail me only at, ignore social media.

You’ve got my number.


This is the droid you are looking for.


I’ll be letting other domains expire, so make sure you don’t contact me through any of the ridiculous amount of E-mail addresses I’ve given you before. By “letting the domains expire” I mean the address could be picked up by someone other than me, and used for scamming purposes. This is a risk to you unless you delete those addresses and only E-mail me at the above address. I’ve reviewed the risk of this and have decided that so long as I’ve told you of this risk, I can afford to let the domains expire and save myself a lot of money each year.


You’ve probably got my number. I invite you to call me to catch up.

You are welcome to E-mail me for whatever reason, and if we need to talk on the phone, ask for my number.

Chat and social media apps

Family alone are privvy to my social media accounts. Instagram and Facebook then, they’re only for chatting with family. I’ve experienced a lot of stress as a result of joining social media – scrolling through posts from friends and acquaintences who are mostly out to paint a better life for themselves, is demeaning, so I’ve decided to restrict my consumption of online media to a few link collection sites and blogs.

If you find a social media account of mine, please ignore it. It’s probably scheduled for deletion any time soon.